Wvs Computers has many years of professional IT support in the field of computer repair, upgrades and installations. Our services range from removing viruses, spyware, installing new hardware, upgrading systems, installing new systems, to just cleaning up your current system.  

Wired/Wireless Networking

 If you currently have a network in your home or business we offer services to provide support for it. If you do not have a network but are looking at the possibility of getting one setup we would be glad to go over the available options you would be looking at.


Transfer or Backups

Losing data is something that most people do not think about until it‘s too late. It can be important documents to pictures of the family. Nobody wants to wake up and find out that their files on their computer are no longer there. With WVS Computers, we provide various ways of backups or file transfers that take the worry away.. We can help create backups of your whole system or files/folders. We can also transfer your old files to a new system or hard drive.

Pc System Builder

PC System Building is one of our specialities. We specialize in designing affordable, full-featured PCs. No matter if you looking for a economical or full feature gaming system. We can get the planning stages to get one created.  We have years of experience in building  Personal Computers from scratch and use the latest technologies in order for your system to last and stand out from the others.  


Part Sales

Need just a computer part and not a whole new computer. Let WVS Computers help you. We are an Authorized Reseller of computer parts.
Our philosophy is simply this “If a part can not be found, its does not exist”…We also have a full line of new, refurbished and used computers and laptops to order. Call for availability.

Other Services

Contact us for  pricing and see what we can offer in the line of other services for you.

Feel free to call or e-mail any questions to wsoto@wvspc.com


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